Here’s what’s happening in February with Troop 166!

We’re off to a great star in 2018, with more fun to come this month… see below!

Monday, February 5, 7:30 – 9 pm. Scout meeting @ church

Monday, February 12, 7:30 – 9 pm. Scout meeting & Troop Committee meeting @ church

All interested adults are welcome to attend the monthly Troop Committee meeting, which handles the ‘behind the scenes’ part of the troop including trip planning, budgeting, coordinating training and fundraising, etc.
No meeting Monday. Happy New Year to all!

Saturday, February 17 and Sunday, February 18 — Dayton TechFest

Announcement from Mr Almstedt:

The 2018 TechFest provides STEM learning opportunities with multiple exhibits and is free to attend (bring $$ for food as they do not allow outside food). This is not a formal Scout event but is a Scout-appropriate opportunity.

See if interested and/or contact Mr. Almstedt who has been previously and plans to attend with his sons.

Monday, February 19, No Meeting — President’s Day

Friday, February 23 @ 6 pm – Sunday, February 25 @ noon — Winter Survival Outing!

Sign up at

Scouts will spend the weekend at Camp Falling Rock, constructing Winter Survival shelters (using tarps, wood, leaves, or snow depending on the weather). Scouts can choose to sleep outside in their shelters, tents, or optionally in a nearby cabin that will be kept warm. $20 / person.

Location: Camp Falling Rock, Scoutmaster’s Lodge



Depart Friday at 6:00PM from Church parking lot

Return on Sunday around Noon


Dress WARM and WATERPROOF. Plan for cold and wet weather. Suggested packing items

  1. WATERPROOF footwear that reaches above the ankles and is “tight” at the top so snow cannot get inside footwear (weather depending)
  2. Head gear should be able to cover the ears.
  3. WATERPROOF outer garments for extreme cold and/or wet weather.
  4. GLOVES are a necessity.
  5. BASE LAYER. Plan to wear an insulated base layer.
  6. Remember: if you dress to warm, you can cool off by removing a layer. If you dress too light and get cold you will be miserable!
  7. If you plan on camping outside, we recommend DOUBLING UP. Two sleeping pads to block the cold from the ground. A heavy blanket or second sleeping bag unzipped and laid over your main sleeping bag to keep in body heat.

Pocket Equipment to pack in addition to your regular equipment:

  1. Knife (sheath knives, machetes, or similar tools are not permitted). Totin’ chip required.
  2. Toilet paper in plastic bag
  3. Matches in waterproof container. Firem’n chit required.
  4. One, or more, hankerchiefs
  5. Sunglasses (recommended to protect against sun glare on snow — weather depending)
  6. Compass
  7. Small daypack for holding extra layers

Recipe for Success = FUN!!!

Monday, February 26, 7:30 – 9 pm. Scout meeting @ church and Board of Review

Board of Review is the essential final step for scouts who are advancing their rank.

Rest of the Year Preview & Helpful Links and Tips

For those who are planning ahead, here is the list of outings for the rest of the year. Dates are still being finalized in order to minimize conflicts with other school events.

February — Winter Survival (23rd – 25th)
March — Cat & Mouse (9th – 11th)
April — Night Heist (20th – 22nd)
May — Plane Crash (11th – 13th)
June — Summer Camp (17th – 23rd)
July — White Water Rafting (prelim: 27th – 29th or Aug 3rd – 5th)
August — Family Campout (prelim: 24th – 26th or 31st – Sept 2nd)
September — Backpacking (prelim: 21st – 23rd)
October — Battlefield Encampment (5th – 7th)
November — Pumpkin Chuckin’ (prelim: 16th – 18th)
December — Planning (7th)

See the troop calendar for additional details.

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