History of the Scout Room

Bexley United Methodist Church

Troop 166

By: Ben Larrimer, Troop Historian 1997

David Hamilton was the ideal scout. Devoted to his local church, scout troop, and community he presented everything a Boy Scout of America should be. He was president of his freshman class at Columbus Academy, and lettered in basketball, swimming, and tennis during that year. He ranked as a “first class” scout, and, at 15 years old was about to receive his “star” rank. There was little doubt he would achieve “Eagle” rank.

During the year 1948, The Bexley United Methodist Church was in a money raising campaign to fund an extension to the building. David’s father, T. Kline Hamilton, was chairman of the effort. Meeting rooms and classrooms had been planned for the addition. Boy Scout Troop 166, which had been chartered by the church since 1941, was also looking forward to a new space to gather in.

On Saturday, February 21, 1948, in a tragic accident, David Hamilton, and friend Frank Rasor were killed. Family, community, school, and fellow scouts were shocked and deeply saddened.

The funeral was held in Bexley United Methodist Church, and all Troop 166 scouts attended. He was buried with his bible in one hand, his varsity “A” letter in the other, and his Star scout pin on his lapel. As the pallbearers slowly walked out the door with the casket, all of the scouts lined each side of the walk and saluted goodbye to a good scout and friend.

In his honor and to ensure his memory, the Hamilton family donated all the money for the scout room. The room is still used by the scouts, and near the northwest doorway, there is a plaque in memory of a good scout. It read:

In Memorium
David Allan Hamilton
He is still adventuring,
still learning, still doing.
The memory of his smile
Reveals God’s Face.

*Special thanks to Edie Mae Hamilton Herrel for her help.